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Long & Foster REALTORS
Location: Colonial Heights
Business Hours: By Appointment
Contact: Jay Eischen
Phone: 804-687-0144
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Specialize in listing residential homes and assisting the prospective buyer with all aspects of the real estate transaction.

In today's competitive housing  market, you need a Realtor who is:

  • experienced in determining the right sales price,
  • able to develop a marketing plan that will get your home sold fast and net you the most profit,
  • professional, a good communicator and someone you feel comfortable working with,
  • a good negotiator, and
  • able to listen and understand your needs.

Jay is an experienced Realtor who often goes beyond what other agents provide. He researches the area and provides solid data before writing any offer to ensure we are not paying over market value. Jay also has a network of reliable professionals that he frequently will refer clients to for additional services.

His goal is to provide the finest real estate services in Central Virginia based on high ethics standards, values and customer service. Jay wants to be the Realtor you trust to handle one of your most important assets...your home. If you are looking for Realtor who is interested in your needs, Jay would be happy to serve you.


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